i gave my life to a simple chord

terça-feira, setembro 24, 2002

Eu acredito no horóscopo do Village Voice

GEMINI (May 21-June 20):
You're ready to make the transition from plodding to soaring; from muttering confused criticisms to unleashing bright toasts; from indulging in heavy-handed acts of self-incrimination to whipping up giddy, weightless sensations. And to what do we owe this bracing turnaround in your fortunes? Probably the fact that the Era of Brazen Narcissism has arrived for you Geminis. During the coming weeks, ingenious displays of self-worship are not only permitted but encouraged. Can you stand even more good news? The cosmic omens suggest that you'll be able to round up hordes of devotees who are also eager to celebrate your glory.

.: Clara Averbuck :. 9:58 PM

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