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terça-feira, dezembro 04, 2001

The Astrology Matchmaker

Your stars are sending you straight into the arms of a LEO. A lion in disguise, your man needs a kingdom to rule, and you look like his perfect queen. Of all of the signs in the zodiac, he's the born entertainer — the fire sign who craves attention and loves the spotlight. Creative and self-assured, he'll do anything to make you smile. He is a great friend not only because of his fun-loving nature, but also his generosity and open-heartedness. He craves pleasure and will want to share a luxurious lifestyle with you. When you're with a Leo, not a day will go by without some sort of drama in it. You won't be able to resist his exuberance, incredible spirit, and charisma.

How to catch him:

Your Leo man is full of passion and romantic energy. He has a mythical view of relationships. When you're with a Leo, you'll automatically be placed center stage, with the spotlight shining brightly upon you.

In order to capture his heart, you must dote on your Leo man. Showering him with attention and affection is always the way to go. Leos also love a good sense of humor. So while you're complimenting him, try to tickle his funny bone. This combination will keep him coming back for more! He's a first-class guy who needs a first-class lifestyle, so don't hold back when you're trying to impress a Leo man.

.: Clara Averbuck :. 6:38 PM

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